Porbeagle Shark


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The porbeagle (Lamna nasus) is mostly found in the cold and temperate waters of the North Atlantic Ocean and also in the southern oceans. The Porbeagle can grow to over 8 feet (2.5 meters) in length and can weigh up to 135 kilograms or 300 pounds, but have been recorded over 400lbs They are usually white at the bottom and grey on top giving it camouflage for hunting. When looking at the shark from above it is difficult to locate because of the grey colour against the sea bed. Looking upwards, the white colour blends with the ocean surface. They have a stout midsection that tapers into a pointed and long snout and the large midsection tapers into a narrow tail. It has large first dorsal and pectoral fins and very small anal,second dorsal and pelvic fins. The most noticeable features on the Porbeagle Shark is a white mark at the base of the first dorsal fin .The Porbeagle feeds mainly on octopus,squid, cuttlefish and small bony fish. This shark is able to change its body temperature quickly, which enables the shark to adapt to a wide range of water temperatures.Fishing Adventures is part of the Marine Sportfish Tagging Programme so all our shark’s are documented, Tagged and released unharmed.

How to catch

We fish for Porbeagle Shark using a 50-80lb class rod and Penn 4/0-6/0 or similar reel and a fairly large hook with a wire trace, and shock leader, as the shark’s rough skin will snap regular fishing line We tend to use 80-100llb breaking strain fishing line, this is a guideline as some of our shark fishers are using lighter or heavier tackle depending on personal preference.. A whole mackerel on the hook is the order of the day, and some prefer to remove the backbone and create a flapper, and using a float or balloon we drop the bait to the preferred depth. We also use special bait (chum) to attract the sharks.

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