Cod (latin Gadus morhua)

Cod is a species of fish from the cod family. Body length – up to 1.8 m; fish 40-80 cm long, at the age of 3-10 years. 3 dorsal fins and 2 anal fins, and on the chin is a small fleshy antennae. Coloration of back from greenish-olive to brown with small brown spots, and belly is white. There are various races of cod, which differ in their growth rates, distribution and times of spawning. Most cod spawn between the months of January and April and a female, if she is large enough, can release up to five million eggs. Depending on the temperature, the eggs hatch in two to four weeks and the young cod drift in the open ocean, feeding on small crustaceans. Atlantic cod will eat a wide variety of prey, ranging from other small fish to worms; they also target swimming crabs, shrimps and prawns. Fishing for cod in the Atlantic Ocean requires a little bit of expertise and patience. For this you need a good rod and reel, and various baits or lures can be tried. Even a beginner can have good results with some patience. Catching cod is not easy but the results can be well worth the effort. Cod under 5 lbs are referred to as Codling. They are normally caught in colder waters, either at depth, or during the colder months of the year, but they are present all year round. As with all cod, the really big fish are found on the very bottom. Fishing for Cod requires the bait to stay on the bottom.

How to catch

A 30 lbs rod and reel is acceptable for taking on deep reef or wreck cod. Cod like wrecks,or reefs, and tend to stay on the bottom. A strong trace is important. Cod have been known to take just about anything. Big Cod will take a whole mackerel, pirks, spoons and artificial lures, and big pennel rigs with squid! The hooks have to be a match for the bait, so 4/0 hooks are standard and you can go bigger! Sand eel is a good Cod bait but Fishing Adventures has found that mackerel works extremely well. Baited feathers will work but the key to hooking Cod or Codling is that the bait has to be on the sea floor. Cod use scent to find food.