Kilkee Pier, on the north side of the main beach, is an ideal location for a spot of angling with Fishing Adventures. Ease of access and proximity to the town of Kilkee means there are no problems with parking or amenities. It’s the perfect place for holiday anglers. You can spin for mackerel and pollock at high tide and at low tide bottom fishing for flatfish or bass using fish bait or lugworms. Beyond the pier there are plenty of rocky formations and inlets where locals like to fish for conger eels and sink lobster pots. Past the golf club and all the way along as far as the headland, George’s head.

On the opposite side of Kilkee bay, the south side of the beach, there is another angling mark. Flounder and Bass can be caught in this area. Further along the coast road there is a freshwater stream at Edmond’s point, which in the flooding tide is an ideal for pollock fishing using lugworm or fish bait. At the end of the coast road the is a collection of rock pools affectionately known as the Pollock Holes. There is a car park and a cafe here making for a very comfortable fishing experience although be advised at peak times the places is thronged with children and families swimming and relaxing in and around the rock pools. As a side note there is a statue in tribute to the late Richard Harris, the famous actor from the nearby city of Limerick. He spent his summers fishing in Kilkee and had a holiday home along the coast road which is marked with a plaque in his memory.


Slightly further afield is the Castle Point, at the Kilkee Cliffs, a well known and popular spot amongst the locals, where mackerel are abundant during the summer months. Kilkee Cliffs are 15 minutes (7.5km or 3mi) outside Kilkee by car along the beautiful Dunlicky coastal road. It’s not difficult to find and there is a car park for easy access.The fishing mark itself is down a rough stoney path from the carpark. This is a fantastic rock mark and anglers can expect to have a great day, weather permitting, spinning for pollock and mackerel or fishing for wrasse. Down on the rocks, conger eel and rockling can be caught also. The fishing here is from the cliff’s edge, a long fishing line and extreme caution is advised.

Bait Close To Clare

Traditional fish bait can be found at White Strand beach 2.5kms west of Doonbeg or from Carrigaholt pier on the southern side of the Loop Head Peninsula. But artificial lures with feathers, daylights and spinners are much more common and can be just as effective.

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