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Fishing summer 2015

29 Oct 15
Sean Maguire
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Sea Angling 2015 has been a good season overall with some great fishing, and I met a lot of very interesting people. Lot’s of fine whitefish about including  pollock, whiting, ling, haddock etc and some lovely double figure cod. Even though the weather wasn’t always ideal summer weather we almost always managed to go fishing with very few cancellations, and of course we had some memorable day’s at sea. When it was a bit too windy for the Atlantic we anchored in the Shannon estuary and fished for ray, bulhuss, conger, dogfish etc which can be very relaxing.

Blue shark and tope were plentiful as well this year and a lot of fun to be had with some fine spurdog’s. Fishing Adventures is part of the tag and release program so all sharks are released unharmed.

The Lady Gwen ll  has spent her first season fishing off the Loop Head Peninsula and has passed with flying colours. She will be undergoing a few upgrades for next season to make her even better and more enjoyable to fish from.