Children’s outings


Fishing Adventures would like everyone to get pleasure from the sea, old and young, that is why we like to take children, so they can enjoy the beauty of our Ocean and it’s sea life. It can be a learning experience, great fun, and a bonding experience for the children. School outings, boy scout’s, girl guides or any group of children who want to go on an excursion. Feedback so far is that the children we took were in amazement of the Ocean and it’s sea life, sea birds, dolphins, seals, and occasional whales and basking shark’s, and of course they got to catch some fish, most for the first time and lot’s of photographs to boast about their catch. The Lady Gwen II has a full complement of safety gear including life jackets for children and a liferaft. So if you want to give the kid’s an Adventure of a lifetime please get in touch.

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